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You can’t escape the past. When newly elected, Sheriff Robert Yates investigates the death of a mine manager found in the ditch by two young Vietnam vets, Yates has no idea what’s brewing under the surface in his quiet, picturesque town. Along with his two deputies, Bonnie James and Peter Thomas, Yates is lead to an abandoned cabin where he finds the body parts of a second victim and clues that open questions pertaining to a stash of lost heist money dating back to the early 1900’s. After a third murder of a mine employee, suspicion starts to mount towards the mine owner, John Thomas, Peter’s father, and the revelation of a connection to the Romano crime family.

In this debut novel, entitled Six Bullets, set in the fictional town of Lancaster Falls, Tennessee, Sheriff Robert Yates, deputy Bonnie James, and deputy Peter Thomas must thwart the advances of Charlie Rhodes, John Thomas, Romano crime family hitman, Cornelius Bennet and the femme fatale, Shawna Ray.

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The Lancaster Falls Mysteries™ book series is set in the 1970's. These are fictional stories that revolve around a fictional town named Lancaster Falls in Reeves County, Tennessee. 

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